Seasonality trading system

Here’s more about Howard Bandy’s book Quantitative Trading Systems by Howard Bandy.

This stuff is amazing.  I’m reading the section on Seasonality Systems, and Bandy has a trading system that just buys an asset (stock, currency, etc), the same trading day each month, holds it for two days, and then sells it.  And it makes money.  Holy Cow!  The program lets you find the best trading day for various stocks, and I back-tested a number of stocks, as well as the EUR/USD forex, and a good number of them make a profit, including the Euro.

How can this be?  Can this really that simple?  I’m doing more testing on this idea, and if it really works, I’ll put this into a real trading system, and put it out there on a demo account.  Stay tuned.

Seriously, I’m spending hours studying trading systems and complex algorithms, and they do just as well as buying a stock and selling it 2 days later?  We’ll see.  This needs further investigation.


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      Hi Radoslav,

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