Trader Tech Talk 004: Quantitative Trading Systems Book Review (part 1)

In Episode 4, John reviews the book Quantitative Trading Systems by Howard Bandy.

John discusses some of the strategies that Bandy outlines in his book, such as

  • Trending Systems
  • Mean Reversion Systems
  • Seasonality Systems

Additionally, John discusses a bit about the Amibroker trading and programming platform.  Later this month, John will review the second half of Quantitative Trading Systems.

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  1. Radoslav says

    Hi John, would you please cover rotational systems in later part? I presume those are PnF, Kagi, Renko, etc.

    I have an MQ4 code for Kagi charting and was planning to port it to Jforex or perhaps try to code it in C# on SE to see whether there could be some potential. Also had an idea to export chart data from Investor/RT into Excel to run some statistics there.

    Did not push myself yo any of these so I’m trying to find an excuse off of Bandy’s conclusions… 😀

    • says

      Hi Radoslav,

      Yes, I’m planning to do a rotational systems podcast later this month. I will cover the second half of Howard Bandy’s book in that podcast, and he has a whole chapter on rotational systems. I’m looking forward to this one–there’s a lot we can talk about regarding rotational systems.

      Thanks for your interest! I appreciate your comments.

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