More JForex to like

I’ve found a few more features of JForex that I really like:

  • When you run a strategy on the JForex platform, you can choose to run it locally (on your own machine), or remotely.  Running it remotely appears to send it off to a server somewhere else to run.   Does this eliminate the need to to run it on a virtual private server?  I’m not sure.  I’m going to test this out and report back.
  • The API.  There is a whole JForex API that lets you develop completely offline using Eclipse or your favorite IDE, and you just link into the Java class files from the API.  Do you know what else this means?  I can use a debugger to step through my code! So much better than primitive print statements we are using now!
  • There’s some interesting methods we can use to make a strategy display in visual mode for back testing.  Sometimes it’s helpful to see just exactly what the strategy is doing, and by calling chart routines in the code you can optionally display the indicators and other text on the charts while the system trades.

More good things to come…


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