Trader Tech Talk 012: Did Ernie Chan’s System Survive the Flash Crash?

In this episode of Trader Tech Talk, we welcome author, developer and hedge fund manager, Dr. Ernie Chan.  Dr. Chan is author of two excellent trading system development books, Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Trading.

Remember the Flash Crash of 2010, where the market dipped almost 1000 points in just a few minutes?  Imagine if you were running an investment firm or a hedge fund during that time.  What would you have done?  Well, Dr. Chan was running a hedge fund during that time, and even more interesting is that he was running an automated trading system at the time!  In this episode, you’ll find out what he did (and what he didn’t do) during those nail-biting minutes!

You’ll also learn some amazing things about trading system development:

  • How traders can use mathematical tools, such as Matlab to create and validate their systems
  • When to use a trading-specific programming language, versus when to use a general purpose programming language
  • How to improve your programming skills to write even better trading software

Resources for this episode:

I think you’ll learn a lot from Dr. Chan; show him your appreciation with a comment below, or by visiting his blog.  Enjoy!


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