Trader Tech Talk 014: How Does Neal Gilbert Brave the Rapids?

In Episode 14 of the Trader Tech Talk podcast, I have Neal Gilbert here to talk to us about nealGilberttrading, and especially about his recently published book Braving the Rapids.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How Neal and a colleague used a coin toss to learn about trading
  • How the Braving the Rapids strategy uses Bollinger Bands to create a river
  • What the definition of a Dry Candle is
  • The name of the city where both Neal and I live!

Resources for this podcast:

The Braving the Rapids book is an idea book for a beginning trader who is just starting to get into trading and needs a strategy to start with, or for an intermediate trader who would like to find an excellent strategy to try to automate in a programming language.

Neal is a great person to talk with, and I know you will enjoy listening to him.  Enjoy the show!

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