Jake Bernstein Will Help You Evaluate Your Trading System [Webinar]

You might be familiar with Jake Bernstein’s name if you’ve been trading any length of time.  Jake has written dozens of excellent books about trading, offers courses and an excellent newsletter.  He’s also my guest for this week’s podcast, so stay tuned for that on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, November 6 at 6:30 PM Eastern, Jake is co-hosting a webinar titled “Trading Systems: Truth and Fantasy. The Good, the Bad and the UGLYThe webinar is in conjunction with the Genesis Trade Navigator trading platform company.

It looks really interesting, as the co-hosts will be evaluating different trading systems, and helping to determine what makes a good trading system, and what might be an indication of a bad one.

Current clients of Genesis (that is, users of the Trade Navigator program) get a discount, as do Jake Bernstein’s clients.


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