Trader Tech Talk 015: Jake Bernstein Gives Us Four Trading Insights

If you’ve been trading any length of time, you’ll know the name Jake Bernstein.  Jake is a long time trader (since the late 1960’s), author, and educator, and a really great guy to talk with.  I am really excited to have Jake on the podcast today, he’s got some awesome stories, and was really generous with his knowledge and time.Jake Bernstein

In fact, Jake is going to give you a trading system today!  On this podcast, Jake Bernstein gives us his favorite trading system, and spells out the details on what to look for and how to trade it.  How cool is that?  This wasn’t planned, and I kind of sprung the question on him during the interview, and right then and there, Jake described in detail his trading system.  Serious take-away value there!  You are going to want to rewind and play this podcast again.

Here’s the 4 insights

  1.  Of course, #1 is the trading system that Jake gives us
  2. You’ll learn how you can use seasonality in your trading
  3. You’ll learn about the benefits and methods of using divergence trading
  4. You’ll learn that Jake Bernstein is a really awesome guy

My favorite part of this podcast, though, is the talk about history, how Jake “borrowed” a huge mainframe computer to do some, well, unconventional things back then, and how it helped him leap forward in trading.


Thanks, Jake!!!

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