Trader Tech Talk 016: Dr. Ben VanVliet – Who would win? The trader, the quant or the programmer?

This episode is an interview with author and professor Ben Van Vliet.  Ben is a professor of Finance at the Stuart School of Business in the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He teaches courses in quantitative finance, C++ and .NET programming, and automated trading system design and development.Van_Vliet_Ben

Ben’s got some interesting things going on.  In addition to helping students figure out automated trading systems, he’s working on figuring out how to get the various factions of a hedge fund or capital management group to work together.  I learned a lot from Ben about how these organizations work, and some of the problems they face, with traders, programmers and quants all vying for influence in the business.

Ben’s going to let us know who would win between a trader, a programmer or a quant. See if you can figure out which one…

Additionally, Ben is working on regulation!  Regulation is a bad word in the financial world, but Ben’s take on it is this: rather than have politicians craft misguided and uniformed legislation from the outside, why not have a set of industry standards that are created from the inside that actually address some of the problems in the finance world.



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