Trader Tech Talk 018: Abe Cofnas Shows How Binary Options Can Improve Your Trading Skills

This episode of the Trade Tech Talk podcast is an interview with Abe Cofnas.

You might recognize Mr. Cofnas from “Futures Magazine” – he writes frequently for that magazine, and he has an article in the October 2013 issue titled “Looking at Forex through 5-minute prisms”.  He also has several books out, on bAbeCofnasoth binary options and sentiment indicators.

Mr. Cofnas is the expert on Binary Options and also writes quite a bit about using sentiment to determine market direction. There are a couple surprises in this interview, and you’ll hear it – I was planning to discuss two topics with Mr. Cofnas: binary options, and sentiment indicators, and in the middle of the interview, I realize they are the same thing. It was such an interesting revelation.

Before the interview, I had read through several of Mr. Cofnas’s articles on binary options, and I had a good idea of how they worked, but as soon as we had finished the interview, I immediately bought his book “Trading Binary Options: Strategies and Tactics”. It is really good, and if you are at all curious about this topic, and how you can use binary options to improve your trading, I would highly recommend it.
In this episode, you’re going to learn:

  • How binary options can be considered a sentiment indicator
  • How you can use sentiment to improve your trading
  • Why text mining of Facebook and Twitter for trading sentiment might not be such a good idea
  • Where you can begin trading binary options


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  1. says

    I would be interested in knowing more about what Abe has to say about the current state of regulation concerning binary options, and if it is regarded to be more gambling than trading.

    • says

      Hi John,

      I will see if Abe has any information on that — he is definitely one of the go-to guys for Binary options, so he might have something to say about current regulation.



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