Trader Tech Talk 021: Kathy Lien on Currency Trading and Women in Finance

In episode 21 of the Trader Tech Talk podcast, Kathy Lien is our first guest in the “Women of Finance” series!  Welcome, Kathy! kathydesk

Kathy tells us about her journey in trading, how she got started, and how she was able to get a head start by working at JP Morgan.

In this episode Kathy gives us some excellent advice, especially for women just starting out in trading:

  • How you can become confident in yourself
  • How you can demonstrate your value in a firm
  • Why you should continue to hone your skills
  • Why you should seek out other like-minded women in finance

Kathy also talks about trading fundamentals versus technicals, and how you can use both to improve your trading.


Trader Tech Talk 020: Top Tips From 11 Trading Experts

In this week’s podcast, we’re doing a recap of the top tips from 11 trading experts.   Each interview is with a top author, trader or educator, and each interviews holds tips and information you can use to improve your trading systems, test more thoroughly, and achieve higher profits with your trading system.  You may have heard some of these interviews already, but go through the list and find the ones you haven’t heard and give them a listen!yay-4376778

  •   John Person discusses seasonality, pivot points and his new book Mastering the Stock Market.
  •  Howard Bandy discusses trading system validation, mean reversion systems, and his three books, Quantitative Trading Systems, Mean Reversion Trading Systems, and Modeling Trading System Performance.
  •  Chris Davison tells us about writing trading systems, and his “assisted trading” trading system.
  • Ernie Chan talks about choosing a programming language, using Matlab, and living through the Flash Crash of 2010.
  •  Mike Bryant explains his amazing Builder program, as well as Market System Analyzer.
  •  Neal Gilbert tells us about Braving the Rapids, his book that explains his new trading system.
  •  Jake Bernstein talks about seasonality, divergence trading, and then gives away a complete trading system on the show.
  •  Ben VanVliet discusses the challenges of the trading firms, with traders, quants and programmers competing for attention; he also tells us about his new regulation initiatives.
  •  Ralph Vince explains position sizing, and how risk and position size are related; he provides detailed explanation of his formulas and provides some graphs to to along with it.
  •  Abe Cofnas explains both sentiment indicators and binary options, and then shows us how binary options are a great sentiment indicator. Abe’s book is a great one to get on binary options.
  •  Lee Leibfarth gives us the 4 metrics we should pay attention to when evaluating a strategy’s backtest results.

You can listen to each podcast right from the pages above.




Trader Tech Talk 019: Lee Leibfarth’s 4 Metrics For System Evaluation

This week’s podcast is an interview with Lee Leibfarth.  Lee is a programmer, author and educator, and co-owns PowerZone Trading with his business partner Jean Folger.  Lee has created some really amazing tools for traders, and has written many articles for the leading trading magazines, such as Futures Magazine, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and Active Trader.Lee Leibfarth

Lee is both a consultant, doing projects for hire, as well as an entrepreneur writing tools and indicators that traders can purchase, so he’s a really good person to get to know.

In this episode, you are going to learn

  • The top 4 metrics you need to pay attention to when you’re evaluating a strategy’s performance
  • How to approach coding a new strategy
  • The 3 steps of testing a strategy
  • How often to re-tune a strategy after it’s been running

Resources for Lee Leibfarth and PowerZone Trading