Jake Bernstein Will Help You Evaluate Your Trading System [Webinar]

You might be familiar with Jake Bernstein’s name if you’ve been trading any length of time.  Jake has written dozens of excellent books about trading, offers courses and an excellent newsletter.  He’s also my guest for this week’s podcast, so stay tuned for that on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, November 6 at 6:30 PM Eastern, Jake is co-hosting a webinar titled “Trading Systems: Truth and Fantasy. The Good, the Bad and the UGLYThe webinar is in conjunction with the Genesis Trade Navigator trading platform company.

It looks really interesting, as the co-hosts will be evaluating different trading systems, and helping to determine what makes a good trading system, and what might be an indication of a bad one.

Current clients of Genesis (that is, users of the Trade Navigator program) get a discount, as do Jake Bernstein’s clients.


Trader Tech Talk 014: How Does Neal Gilbert Brave the Rapids?

In Episode 14 of the Trader Tech Talk podcast, I have Neal Gilbert here to talk to us about nealGilberttrading, and especially about his recently published book Braving the Rapids.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How Neal and a colleague used a coin toss to learn about trading
  • How the Braving the Rapids strategy uses Bollinger Bands to create a river
  • What the definition of a Dry Candle is
  • The name of the city where both Neal and I live!

Resources for this podcast:

The Braving the Rapids book is an idea book for a beginning trader who is just starting to get into trading and needs a strategy to start with, or for an intermediate trader who would like to find an excellent strategy to try to automate in a programming language.

Neal is a great person to talk with, and I know you will enjoy listening to him.  Enjoy the show!

Trader Tech Talk Episode 013: Mike Bryant Talks About His Program That Builds Trading Systems

mike-bryantMike Bryant of Adaptrade software is the guest on episode of 13 of the Trader Tech Talk podcast.  Mike is produces two very amazing software packages, Builder and Market Systems Analyzer.  Builder actually creates trading systems that you can run right away, and Market System Analyzer is an amazing statistical tool that tells you a lot about your trading system’s performance.

I’ve talked about Builder previously on the blog, so take a look at that as well.

In this episode, you will learn

  • How genetic programming can generate trading strategies
  • Which tool you can use to help you validate your trading system
  • How Monte Carlo analysis can help your trading system development
  • Find out if this is a good time to be a programmer in the financial sector

Resources for this episode:

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Trader Tech Talk 012: Did Ernie Chan’s System Survive the Flash Crash?

In this episode of Trader Tech Talk, we welcome author, developer and hedge fund manager, Dr. Ernie Chan.  Dr. Chan is author of two excellent trading system development books, Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Trading.

Remember the Flash Crash of 2010, where the market dipped almost 1000 points in just a few minutes?  Imagine if you were running an investment firm or a hedge fund during that time.  What would you have done?  Well, Dr. Chan was running a hedge fund during that time, and even more interesting is that he was running an automated trading system at the time!  In this episode, you’ll find out what he did (and what he didn’t do) during those nail-biting minutes!

You’ll also learn some amazing things about trading system development:

  • How traders can use mathematical tools, such as Matlab to create and validate their systems
  • When to use a trading-specific programming language, versus when to use a general purpose programming language
  • How to improve your programming skills to write even better trading software

Resources for this episode:

I think you’ll learn a lot from Dr. Chan; show him your appreciation with a comment below, or by visiting his blog.  Enjoy!


Trader Tech Talk 011: Why Chris Davison Lets The Robots Do The Trading

Today trader and system developer Chris Davison is with us on the podcast.  Chris is a lot of fun to listen to, and has some excellent advice for us as system developers.  Chris has a number of well-known profitable trading systems to his name, and today he shares some of his insights into how to write the perfect system.chris-davison

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What made Chris stop trading
  • How to simplify your system development
  • Chris’s new type of “Assisted Trading” system
  • How to see if your broker is widening the spreads (and causing you to lose money!)


I know you will enjoy this episode!  I sure did.  Let Chris know you enjoyed the episode by leaving a comment in the show notes here.